Hello, I need help looking at my options on what I can do to help my basic needs for survival, you can find more information below?


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Wow that is a lot going on. When you applied for the food stamps did you have a social worker? If so call that person and find what other programs might be available to you. Other options to call and ask would be the Salvation Army or Goodwill. Also call the Council for the Blind if you have one in your area. Look for other organizations that may be able ti help.  Good luck to you.

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I did not have a social worker, my mother actually assisted me with it as she used to be on foodstamps. I'll look into the other programs you've listen as well. I've hit a lot of snags in my life with the cards I was given at birth, but I know no one is going to hold my hand forever, I just desperately need that first step to be able to support myself. It takes only seconds for me to end up homeless, and I'd like to do all I can to prevent that.
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Can someone give me ideas for how I'm supposed to live?

Let me explain.

I'm currently staying with my girlfriend, my parents recently seperated and are divorcing from a abusive relationship,

my mum left our home, and my father wanted nothing to do with me being there. I'm happy that my mum is safe now, but she can't worry

about me anymore as I'm 19, 20 this October.

This wouldn't be so stressful if I was not born with scheuermann's disease which causes me not to be able to work most jobs

and being legally blind which causes me not to be able to drive.

Luckily I have a place to stay right now with my girlfriend and her mother, but this can't be a permanent solution as

she lives in a gated community under equal housing, and her mum doesn't work either and my girlfriend is finishing schooling.

Not to mention that I'm not on the leese because her mum can't afford me to be, and I am constantly having to hide from her land lord,

and can only leave the house once a week when the land lord isn't here.

I've had a disability case ongoing for a year about my claims (along with my severe depression, PTSD, and bi-polar, and asthma) but still have not been passed.

I just filed for food stamps, so I'm waiting for those as well.

So I'm 19, I can't work most jobs, I have no transportation, no source of income, and sooner or later, no roof over my head.

What can I do to actually survive? I'm just so lost right now, and I feel like I have no room to breath and no place to turn.

I don't have friends and people that can help me. My church can't even do much for me right now. So if anyone can give me some form of insight, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

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