What's your favorite farmed animal?


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As a young kid I lived on a chicken farm, so I hate those critters. Goats are my favorite. When my kids were young, we lived in an old farmhouse and had a lot of land. We had chickens, ducks, a couple of sheep and a couple of goats. The goats turned into real pets, they would follow my kids around the pasture and play like dogs.

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Our goats were Gus and Woody, named after two of my cousins.
We had 6 hens that my kids gave names to also, so when they stopped laying eggs, we couldn't eat them. The kids refused to let me kill them for a meal.
My hatred of chickens was because I had to help my dad clean the coops, the most disgusting thing I ever had to do.
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AH, my cousin's daughter had to help slaughter on the family chicken farm, terrible smell she never got over it and I don't blame her or you either!
I took care of two beef cattle for a while last winter, so much personality, so smart, by the second day they recognized my car arriving and would show up for their hay and grain...
Too hard, I could never eat meat from them...

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I did eat goat meat once in Jamaica where it is as common as fried chicken here, and it might have been okay except goats are so wonderful so friendly, that was all I could think about! I ate the goat meat for politeness but never since!
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I've never tried goat meat but did notice that almost all Jamaicans have a goat or two tied up in their front yard.
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Babe 🐷 and Babe Jr. 🐖

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cattle their everywhere here in tx

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Chickens for me! Raised lots of them when i was a kid! The world think they are the most stupid animals in the world! But they understand as much as you can connect with them!

They used to spread their wings and lay beside me! They're cute!

Once my mom was little angry, she yelled at them and they got sad and sat steady in the corner for hours!

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