How do I overcome procrastination at work?


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get the led out.    Turn up some led zeppelin and start working

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Be organised.

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

I know this problem all too well, my friend. I have to just set my mind to the task and push other thoughts away. In many cases, turning on some music helps my mind to stay focused on the task at hand. Try some music and see if that helps. Good luck!

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Too much procrastination and this might lead to disciplinary action on the employer's part, as they hired you to perform certain duties.

Find out why you are procrastinating: Do you understand your assignment, do you have the necessary tools to complete the assignment, are you waiting on someone to do their part before you can finish yours?

If you have everything you need, you're not waiting on anyone and you understand what you're doing, then you are ready to complete the task at hand.  If you are given a due date / time, then you have a goal to shoot for.

What would happen to your boss / the company if you didn't complete the assignment? They would eventually get tired of not being able to count on you to do your work and find someone that is more motivated than you are.

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Putting things off just makes them more difficult when you are finally pressed to get them done.  So much easier to do things in a more timely fashion so you can take your time and do a better job.

If you have pride in your work ... You'll want to do it to the best of your ability ... So make it easier for yourself by not waiting until the last minute to do things that need to be done.

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Something else you might want to investigate: Attention Deficit Disorder.

ADD people tend to procrastinate.  We tend to prefer constant high levels of stimulation to function at a high level when we have a project to do.

Procrastination is usually risky to some degree and that added stimulation works well for us.

The techniques in other answers above are useful, but if you find out that you are ADD, it helps to know why you seem to "never learn" that you "shouldn't" procrastinate.

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I have always had that problem. I have found that spending the last 20-30 minutes of each day cleaning up and organizing my work station for the next day really helped. When everything is organized and set up to go when you first come in helps you focus right away and gets you in the groove.

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Just think about how boring the work is. There is nothing to do there beside of…the work. Also, the faster you deal with it, faster you’ll get rid of it.

Also, there is plenty of advice on how to defeat procrastination on the Internet. For example, this or this one.

Or just remember that you can get fired and looking for work is hardly better that doing it.

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