my son has been terminated from his job ,he works with kids and they are not suppose to hug them and he did,,he said he knew but he didn't really thought he was going to be terminated since a lot of people do it and nothing happens?


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He knew it was against the company policy and he did it anyway. Just because others do it doesn't make it OK for him to do it. It's a hard lesson to learn.

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Good answer. It's a different world. I understand, but...

When I was teaching, I remember getting mobbed by kids looking for hugs and smiles. They almost knocked me over some days! I can't imagine not being allowed.

Now, teachers are told to have their desk in view of the door, and to keep the door open.
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It's a real shame that this is what the world has come to. Those kids may never get a hug at home.
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Yes. I know several didn't.
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Your son knew the rules and broke them .. Because other people do it?  He might be a bit too immature to work with children. 

I don't know if that rule is good or bad .. But it is a rule.  If your son is going to work with kids, he needs to set a good example aka follow the rules even if we don't always agree with them.

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Theres probably a lot of details we don't know here so as a general answer.  He knew the rules and just because many others do it doesn't make it right but personally I suspect some Parent complained after their kid may have said something to them about him hugging him or maybe someone didn't like him and were out to get him.  The thing he was he warned about violating company Policy before and how many times and could this be a discriminating act against him because he was a male or other. Has anyone else been fired for the same reason or just warned?  You always have the right to contact an Attorney specializing in employment Law here to see if this was justified or not. The first meeting with a Lawyer is usually free so may be worth checking out and finding out what could be a just remedy if the company was indeed wrong and don't wait too long as evidence and witnesses have a bad habit of disappearing in these type of cases.  Good luck and Im here if you have any further questions

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I agree with Arthur .. Being fired for a first offence may be a little extreme (so that may suggest there is more to the story) .. But, nonetheless, he did disobey a very important and direct rule about bodily contact.  Plausibly, he could have involved the employer in a very serious law suit .. And THAT is definitely grounds for dismissal.

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This is only a personal opinion and I may be wrong.

I suspect that a male who hugs children is unfortunately considered more of a potential liability for that employer than a female would be.

I think that we are still not ready to accept the fact that our children may not be safe as safe with women caretakers as we like to think, regardless of the apparent increase of some such women being arrested for various "illegal" activities with minors.

I don't have a solution if this is in fact the problem.

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