What does it mean when your manager you just met is very touchy with you on your first and second day of work & she put her hand around your waist while walking & also grabbed your hands and Intertwined it with her arm and her side?


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It means she's incredibly inappropriate and you should report her to human resources ... STAT !

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I refuse to believe that you are this old to work, but yet so dense.

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Parsheye Reed
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What does that mean?
Zack -  Mr. GenXer
It means that I don't think this person has common sense. A person knows when something doesn't feel right and all that touchy feely stuff is a dead giveaway. Opinions may vary.
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Well this is the first time a manager has ever did this. So its very new to me. But when she interviewed she talked to me about my app and why she didn't call me and the things I should have put on app. My relative works there also. And she knows But she talked to me like she has known me. And gave me advice also.
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I had a boss that did this. It wasn't me - he did this to everyone. One new girl told him - I really don't feel comfortable when you do this - and he actually stopped.

People like this need boundaries defined - the sooner, the better. If you've set your boundary and this continues to happen, escalate this situation. You don't need to feel uncomfortable in your work setting.

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Well my boss didn't put her hand around nobody else's waist. She has touched other people but never have I seen her put her hand on someone elses waist.
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It means, if you don't like it you tell them to stop.

If they don't stop - you file a lawsuit and get millions of dollars from the company for "sexual harassment".

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