Am i the only one who feel sad about animals when they are being annoyed and i hesitate to write "slaughter them to meat " i feel excruciatingly sad when i see a meat shop at my streets?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

I think all of us have some remorse for the animals raised for food. It's a part of life. Some companies like KFC treat and raise those poor chickens in horrible conditions but a lot of farm raised beef is a little different. I hear what you're saying here but I still love a good steak here and there !

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Not everyone is going to eat rice and beans every meal. Yes their is some bad things going on everywhere in the world people eating crazy things. I eat beef and chickens and texas is full of cattle.

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I once ate at a restaurant specialising in venison. Around the hall were mounted the heads of dead deer. Apparently somebody thought that would be in keeping with the meals.

There was a big buck just over my table and when my food was served up he said, "Are you really going to eat that?" And, shamed, I nodded. So he said, "Are you going to enjoy it?" And this time, I looked down and shook my head. And I didn't.

That's the last time I ate venison. But kangaroo? Now that's tasty. :)

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I once heard an activist say that we should free all the ranch animals and get our "meat" protein from eating insects.

I asked him why he thought the insects would be treated any better.  And pointed out that freeing ranch animals would result in their slow, painful deaths as they are not equipped to live in the wild.

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Gokula! It is indeed very true that meat shops and slaughter houses are really
scary and dark places! Lives in their thousands are taken away there and it’s
sad that most of us still think that it’s normal. We have no natural predator
and this is probably why we take animals for granted! However, PETA and various
anti-cruelty organisations are doing a great job and hopefully enough people
will soon be sensitised!

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