Don't you think the U.S. Should just look to Canada to learn how to govern? Canada has the best healthcare system in the world. It is a right, and not a privilege. Why don't we have a single payer system, so that people don't go bankrupt.


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Dear Sam Sanj,

Yes I do think the USA should look to Canada to learn how to govern, and to any other country that might have more wholesome possibilities, as well.

There has been more than enough of this failed Social Darwinism where a few people are allowed to define what "strong" means, in favor of their own narrow attributes, and then in the process of seizing the wealth they run our economy over a cliff...twice now within less than 100 years.

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Lots of countries have good health care systems. I was treated for cancer in 2010 and, had I lived in a less fortunate country, I'd have had the choice of bankruptcy or allowing the cancer to run its course.

But things aren't going to improve in the US as long as the health industry invests money in politicians' campaign funds.

Incidentally this question was also posted on Ask in 2011. I answered it similarly to the way I've answered here and took a lot of flak for it.

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Rooster Cogburn
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I won't stand for people attacking anyone here ! I remember some of those things from Ask and that was but one reason I searched out and found this site. A little debate is fine with us but just flat out attacking someone will not be done here. I had to remove someone this morning for getting on Danae Hitch. I won't allow it. We all might have different opinions of things but that's our right to have. That's why I put that gif up for Didge. A little humor is better than being mean.
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Rooster you might indeed find the book interesting...he is just a consummate soldier, I think.

I actually decided not to finish it...just too violent...but I came away with a permanent admiration for General Dallaire, and a better understanding of the situation in Rwanda.
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I just sent a request for it to my Library. I'm used to violence so it doesn't much bother me.
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No... That would be utter "Communism". Those "liberal ideals will put the country into ruins". It will come from all our tax dollars that could be better spent on the military (not necessarily for our soldiers) and Benghazi investigations. Everything should be privatized and profitted off of! That's the real American way!

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