I want to be a traveling nurse & my husband wants to travel with me.. what jobs could he pursue as we're moving different places every 3 months?


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In your other question you said that your "husband" wanted to be an electrician. Sounds as though both the jobs and the marriage are still in the planning stages. Plenty of time to work out a compromise.

There are other occupations where you could travel together.

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My suggestion would be that he enters the medical field also. Many different jobs, readily available, just about anywhere, especially in nursing. Good luck!

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I had a friend who was a traveling nurse. He really enjoyed it. His wife as an artist so that traveled well, and she always got new inspiration. Since I doubt your husband is artist, I would think an online job would be best, that way it travel with him. Here is a link to some options.

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I sense that both you and he must be pretty young yet, since you "want to be a traveling nurse" but I could be wrong.

He could train to be:
a short order cook, barber, gardner, writer, dog-walker, cashier, personal shopper /stylist, dog-trimmer, animal care assistent, substitute teacher, handyman with a speciality (like putting up ceiling fans or pool maintenance,  if you spend time in a warm climate. Or snow removal in a colder climate), work as a mover or at a warehouse storage, or in the back room in a department store, stock work opening boxes.

Also, working at assisted living facilites (with older folks) is in ever-growing demand.

Would be nice to know his skills. Would be nice, too,  if he would post his own personal question here.┬┤Anyway, good luck to you both.

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Try internet marketing. Plenty of things you can do from home now that can make you some decent money. Best of all is you can travel anywhere and all you need is an internet connection and a laptop.

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