When I feed an starving animal , people are looking at me differently ,did i done anything wrong ? , I feel odd ,what can i do?


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Not sure what you'd mean about they are looking at you differently. Much depends on where you live and what the circumstances are.

For example .. Feeding  deer (or any wild animal)  in your back yard, encourages them to depend on the food, and causes them to not look for food in the wild. THIS causes other problems now because those wild animals are now encouraged to stay and could plausibly cause circumstances where they might conflict with other residents (of the human variety).  Nothing more heartbreaking then to see an animal euthanized because of conflict with 'society'.

On the otherhand, if this is a domesticated dog or cat .. That is neglected or lost .. THAT is a different matter. They don't have the same ability to feed themselves in the wild. They are already dependant upon human interaction. If this is the case .. Then, you need to take steps to help that animal in distress.  Feeding it is only a small portion of providing 'help'.

Don't ever let 'doing the right thing' be discouraged by other peoples opinion.

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I don't care what anyone says about feeding any starving animal. You're doing a good thing for them and I personally Thank you for it. If it's a wild animal that begins to depend on you to help feed it ? Then go ahead and make a friend in the animal kingdom. Good for you and I wouldn't think a thing if anyone looks at you oddly for it.

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For some people it depends on what the animal is, when I first moved to my bungalow my neighbour fed the foxes. At 9pm every night Mr and Mrs fox would be sitting outside our bungalows waiting for their sausages. In the summer they would romp and play on the grass, and make a noise at night (much like a woman screaming). Some do not like foxes. I didn't because I use to have rabbits.  However, when my neighbour got a dog he stopped feeding them as he didn't want to risk the diseases his dog could pick up. One winter I saw poor old Mr Fox limping and I felt so sorry for him he must have been really struggling to find food, so.....I went out and bought some dog food for him and fed him for two weeks, he lost his limp and he made it through the winter, sadly Mrs fox was hit by a car.  I still put food out when it's out of date, like eggs etc, the foxes love them. So it all depends on a persons priorities and how they feel about certain animals. Watching those foxes brought me happiness, they also brought my housebound 80 year old neighbour happiness, he took the baton and fed them his left over fish and chips.

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Get as close to nature as you can.

It will be to your bennifit.

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