i have done my graduate and i'm in search of jobs?


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You could start to send out your resume or hire a professional job hunter.

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There are plenty of job search engines, like monster.com, careerbuilder.com, or job.com. I suggest you brush up on,your grammar and polish off a resume. Then start applying for jobs. 

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Yes, you can

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Get a job with the government.

Great benefits, great pension.

They won't fold up and go to Mexico.

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You may want to research the company you hope to work for. The more you know about the company, the better the impression you will make during the interview. Your research will also help you determine whether the company really has the kind of work you want or is one you want to work for. To start off well, smile and give the interviewer a firm handshake if that is the customary greeting. During the interview, concentrate on what the employer needs from you and what you have to offer. Regarding things to avoid, “Don’t fidget or slouch—good posture conveys confidence. Don’t be too informal or overly talkative, and definitely do not use profanity. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer, use natural gestures when you speak, and articulate clearly. Be concise and honest when answering questions, and ask relevant questions about the company and the prospective job. At the end of the interview, if you still want the job, ask for it. Doing so will show your enthusiasm. By following the suggestions outlined above, you may soon have a job!

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It is good that you have
completed your graduation. This is the Turning point of your life where you
need to search for the best job for your future. The best and quickest way to
find a job is to get a referral via online job portals. Start to upload your resume
on every online job site and try to connect with the recruiters to know about
any new job vacancy.  Start searching for the job in your interesting
profile and apply with your updated resume. Monster India, Shine, Indeed,
Naukri are some of the top job portals which offer new opening every day.

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