Do you think hospitals are the safest place to be?


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dragonfly forty-six Profile

No, there is staph and super bugs in hospitals. Besides I've seen quite a few horror movies set in hospitals. A police station would be safer, unless you're watching the Terminator.

Yin And Yang Profile
Yin And Yang answered

I am a germ-a-phobe so I have to force myself to believe germs are not crawling all over me. The last three times I have been to the ER with my loved ones I have done a lot better.... Watching the staff outside the door makes me calmer that if it was as horrible as I see in my head then they would be wearing their personal protective equipment (ppe). Of course reality is what Dragonfly says but I take it to the extreme in my head so I HAVE to think a little differently.

PJ Stein Profile
PJ Stein answered

If you are having a massive coronary while there, yes. For most anything else, no. Oh and if you are really pregnant and there is an approaching storm like a blizzard or a hurricane. An extreme low pressure weather system can induce labor.  I am living proof. My parents followed the snow plow to the hospital.

Toni Pauze Profile
Toni Pauze answered

Only if you are dying!

Darik Majoren Profile
Darik Majoren answered

Actually, if you are there for surgery it can be VERY unsafe. The amount of Staph infection occurrences are crazy high in a hospital. 

Tris Fray Potter Profile

No.  An isolated prison cell is probably the safest place to be.  There are so many germs, a mass shooting might occur while you're there- any number of things could happen. At least at an isolated prison cell, the threat of crazy human beings isn't as high.

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