Any ideas for some one who WANTS to work and is willing to work but no one will hire them?


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I think the first thing to do is try to determine why no one will hire them. Is it a physical aspect, attitude problems, asking for too much salary, no qualifications, etc.?

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Walt O'Reagun
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I know someone who graduate with a degree in Electrical Engineering last year. Hasn't been able to find a job anywhere in the US or Canada ... likely because they never held a job at all.
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First time jobs in your educational choice are pretty hard to find. Everyone wants you to have on the job experience.
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For the engineer, Just saying someone has a degree doesn't really tell me their GPA, where they graduated from, or what their coursework even looks like.
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You need to provide details about the person first. Getting a job in retail is as easy as filling out an online application. Uber driver, food delivery, caddy, etc

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Too many variables to say. The job market might be tight. Are the jobs the person applying for suitable to their skill and experience? Is the person filling applications with correct grammar and spelling? If they have had interviews, did they show up in appropriate attire and were properly groomed?  Did they give a friendly and open perception?

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U have to start somewhere i didnt become a mechanic overnite i washed cars mopped and cleaned the auto dealership and other things

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Depends upon one's willingness to "Lower your Standards" . . .

When I was fired as a Network Administrator, I took any low level IT Helpdesk job that was out there . . . For much less pay. This was during the height of the recession . . . Within 5 months, I was back into full administrators job.

The key is to lower your standards, and treat the job with 100% respect and dedication . . . I would have gone right down to manual labor if need be . . .

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Danae Hitch
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Nice work, DM. Glad that you were able to work your way through this.
Darik Majoren
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I had been "stuck" in a position without the gumption to leave on my own . . . honestly I look back at this firing as one of the best things that could have happened to me.

Within 6 months I had doubled my annual pay, and had opportunity for growth.
Danae Hitch
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It's a wonderful, albeit painful, way to showcase the "making lemonade out of lemons" adage. It forces the person to take an honest look at themselves and make adjustments. I'm so glad in this case you were able to bounce back and be even more successful as a result.
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Well, seeing as how you need a diploma or GED for most jobs, if someone hasn't gotten one of those yet, it can be really really tough to find someone to hire you.

My brother just started mowing lawns.  It's like working as a private contractor.  I do the same with computer repair and maintenance.  I get paid well, and so does my brother, we just have to make sure we are thorough with our jobs, and find a way to make ourseves known.

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Not sure whom you are asking for, but volunteer work is sometimes a good way to enter a field that you are having problems getting into.

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I love to trevel so I am that kind of person who starts from the begining pretty often. I move from country to country and I look for work all the time too. Usually I search on different sites and place where I found my future job was They post there ads and offers about work. So at the moment I work in freelance and I plan to go to Cyprus for summer. Wish you to find yourself and good luck!

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