Dear Besties, How come nobody tips their therapist? I'm a therapist. What shoulds? I think I'll put out a tip jar in my office. Pros? Tip money! Cons? I can't think of any. Am I good? Sincerely, Feeling Slighted


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Ancient Hippy answered

Nobody tips their therapist. Put a tip jar out and watch your client list get shorter.

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Yin And Yang answered

Why would some one in that situation tip you? Isn't that like tipping your doctor or dentist or a COP?!?!? It's your job. Now if you were a traveling therapist where you go to a person's house to treat them..... Maybe but your more likely to just add in a gas fee. You yourself sound scandalous. 

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Veronica Dultry answered

My daughter's therapist will not take insurance and charges 200$ for 50 minutes. She pays for her office, but it's her business. Why should I tip someone whose job it is to listen to her for 50 minutes? She's not working for anyone and exactly what has she done that went beyond her regular services?

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Toni Pauze answered

Why do you think you need to be tipped? It's your job and you get paid .

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carlos Striker answered

We aren't that rich enough or getting our fortune from oil wells to keep tipping everybody. You milk us nicely as it is?

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Andrew Jorge answered

A therapist discipline is not need to recevie tips, this is not a good approach that you put a tip jar in office pros. You just collaborate with your client in a good way, don't do such like that.

If you wants to calculate your tip amount the I suggested you this tip counter app through which you can get all the ultimate tip suggestions..

Good Luck!!

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