What was your very first job? Do you remember how you felt?


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My first job when i was 16 was being a waiter.. It was very stressy for me cuz I looked like I was 13 years old.. And it was at the coast in the season so it was very busy. Lot's of stress, but I learned to adapt and it gave me life experience for the better.

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My first job was in a medical office. I loved the back office work. I loved my patients. But the doctor and other co workers were horrible. Very abusive. I should have sued them but instead I cowered in a fetal position and quit. I never went back to that line of work.

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Yin And Yang
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I had ONE co worker who minded her own business cuz all she was there for was to get her internship hours in.... then she was getting the heck out of that office. She said they couldn't pay her enough to work there. Well one week the other girls were all excited cuz they were going to go to Disneyland on a day off. To my surprise they invited me to go. I told them it depended on if my boyfriend could get the day off of work but it sounded fun. They were so excited that I was going..... then when Friday came along the one girl who I trusted was nice said "You don't really plan on going with them do you?" I said "I'm not sure cuz I still don't know about Yang if he could get the day off." She said "don't bother." Looked around and said "I can't stand the way they treat you. They have no intentions of going. They just invited you to go so you would show up at Disneyland alone." I told her thank you and sure enough they gathered around and asked me so are you gonna be able to make it tomorrow? I replied "no I can't make it. Yang couldn't get the day off. Sorry." And they said "what a shame."
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That's cruel.
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It really was. I quit after he threw the item at me in front of my co worker and patient.
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My first real job was a working in a shoe store, fitting and selling shoes. I didn't even make it through the first day. After handling a few sweaty and stinky feet, I quit.

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My first and only job lasted 321/2 years at the telephone company.

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My very first job was as a "Painter" working with my best friend in his family's business . . . That didn't last too long though.

I was then a Dishwasher/Busboy for a few years. I absolutely LOVED it . . . There is nothing like your first real independent thing where you earn your own money. I remember the Music that was playing on the radio, the feeling coming into work and leaving it . . . The freedom it menat for me.

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Aside from babysitting, my first job was as a bank secretary at the age of 17 .... Started two weeks after high school graduation in 1965.  I felt good about it, even taking the bus downtown every morning.  I could finally contribute to the expenses at home and buy my mom a few nice things after all the sacrifices she had made for me over the years.

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Silly and unefective.

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Yes, I remember my first job. I worked as a salesgirl in a
clothing store for 2 years. At the beginning I felt very confident and excited, as my cousin was also
employed there. However, after 13-14 months, I started to feel bored, since
I had to do the same things every day.

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