Which is the best IAS coaching center in Hyderabad for anthropology optional?


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Sapiens IAS is best coaching for Anthropology Optional in Hyderabad. Sapiens IAS has launched LIVE online Civil Services Mains Optional Anthropology Online Coaching Classes for UPSC CSE IAS Exam.

Sapiens IAS has launched LIVE online classes for UPSC Anthropology Optional for civil services exam. Anthropology Online course of SAPIENS IAS is in house production not depending on others. It is the best substitute to the ias anthropology optional offline class to those who could not come to Delhi for various reasons; those are office goers having no time to join our upsc anthropology optional coaching institute in day time." master_w="600" master_h="400">

Anthropology optional is a social science not a biological science like history, Sociology, Economics & Political science which is one of the popular optional subjects in UPSC/IAS/PSC exam.

Anthropology is the study of man in totality including studying all kinds of societies and culture such as tribal and modern societies-their socio-culture institutions viz. Marriage, family, kinship, economic institution, political system and belief pattern such as religion and magic. Anthropology also deals with prehistoric and modern societies i.e. Socio-cultural evolution. Apart from these, Anthropology studies man as a creature i.e. Studying origin and evolution of man and their physical variations from place to place. Thus, the syllabus of anthropology optional has been well maintaining the tradition i.e. Holism. Whereas, other social sciences deal with man in a peace meal manner e.g. History studies past event of man, sociology deals with social structure of man not biological aspect of man at all, while economics & political science dealing with economic and political institution respectively.


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