Does working from home is effective for business?


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Yes, working from home is effective for business if it is well managed. It has many benefits like increased performance, business continuity, and effective work-life balance. Allowing employees to work from home can save employers money in many ways:

  1. Reduce Overhead: It reduces overhead expenditures by saving office space, power bills, office supplies, etc.

  2. Increase productivity: Employees working from home have great autonomy, face fewer interruptions, and can focus on their work that ultimately increases productivity.

  3. Less time commuting: A less time is spent on a stressful and unpleasant commute that is beneficial for employees.

  4. Improve retention: It helps retain employees with an otherwise long daily commute.

  5. Better life balance: Due to coronavirus outbursts, working from home can keep employees healthy and well being.

Employers can also make use of employee monitoring software that will help in managing employees effectively. There are numbers of employee monitoring software available one can check reviews before going with any.

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