Which is the best monitoring tool to monitor remote employees?


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Roy Novak answered

Being an Employer is not easy, particularly when it comes to monitoring a team including remote workers. You have to balance between different tasks and deal with varied locations and time zones, in which your employees work.

So, I recommend you use EMPMonitor Monitoring Software to monitor your remote employees & remote teams. This software allows to track their time spent working on projects and tasks. While it also records their hours worked in the background.

Features of this monitoring software are following below:-

  • It comes with a wide range of platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS, etc
  • Automatically records time usage of each application
  • Easy budgeting
  • It is a great time tracking software
  • Measures the working time by particular divisions
  • Records the time spent away from a computer, etc.

For further details, have a look at this blog:-

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