What Address Do You Send 1099 Forms To The State Of Arizona From An Employer?


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The address on which you have to send your form is following: Arizona Department of Revenue, Information Technology Division, Tape Liberian, 1600 W Monroe, Phoenix, AZ 85007.

This is not the only form that you can send to the above mentioned address and there are several other forms that the concerned person on the address receives. The forms are W-2, W-2c and W-2G.

The form you have talked in your question is considered among the most important forms as it deals with taxation and filing of the return. If somebody comes under the bracket of filing the forms and is not filling it, he may have to pay a hefty fine for it and it may also be possible that the authorities will charge you with some other allegations. So it is advisable that if you come under that bracket, do fill the forms on time.

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