How Do You Put A Leather Sling On An M1 Garand?


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The M1 Garand was the first semi-automatic rifle in the world used by the infantry. It was used in many wars like World War II, the Korean War and to some extent in the Vietnam War. A sling is a fastening belt or harness attached to a rifle or a shotgun, with an intention to be a supporter to the weapon, in a particular position on the operator's body. Though a two piece leather sling was used initially, post 1944, a green cotton webbing sling was used

One of the most things to do is to mark your sling. It is better to number your sling rather than mark it for every position. This will make room for changes in the future, especially in occurrences when your sling gets older due to constant stretching. Marking your sling can only be helpful if you record the setting you use for each position. As soon as you shoot your last shot in a standing position, remove the magazine. Unhook the bottom part of your sling and take it out from the rear sling swivel and hook it onto itself. Always keep the unutilized part of the sling out of your way. Most shooters leave it attached to the end of the butt of their rifle, or wrap it around their upper arm. Though these methods are good enough, they can take time and make movement with the rifle more cumbersome.

Use a leather conditioner on your sling every three to four months or after the sling is exposed to hazardous weather like rain or snow. Brand new slings tend to be rigid to adjust and can stretch too much during the first two months of usage. Always carry a back up sling with you. It pays to check that your sling is working fine, so that you do not have problems during your expedition.

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