What Is Meant By The Term Cabinet Government?


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Cabinet Government means that decisions are reached by members of a group of Ministers holding a country's most important executive offices, who decide government policy. In the UK, where the cabinet system began in the 17th century, the cabinet can initiate new legislation, whereas in the US this is the role of Congress (which is separate from the cabinet.) Traditionally in Britain, the King or Queen chose the cabinet members; King William III, in the late 17th century, started the custom of choosing the cabinet from ammon members o the majority party. This is still done today, except that it is now the Prime Minister who chooses.

The PM is of course the head of the cabinet; other key figures include the Lord Chancellor, Home Secretary, Chancellor of the Exchequer and so on (there is a full cabinet list on the Downing Street website)

Cabinet meetings are secret and decisions are supposed to be reached collectively.

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