Americans Pay Many Different Types Of Taxes To Federal, State, And Local Governments. What Taxes Dont W Pay


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Though by and large many taxes are common across the globe, there are variations. For instance you might not have to pay federal income tax since contingent on individual income; the tax would range from zero to as far as 35 per cent of your taxable income.

In the United States, remember that taxation is a highly complex and intricate system which could possibly involve payment to a minimum of four diverse levels of government as well as many methods of taxation. Also, note that the government actually rewards certain behaviours with perks of tax deductions or tax credits. To give you an example, in certain cases you can also obtain child and dependent care credit given for amounts spent on daycare.

For 'Taxes on the average worker' from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Factbook 2007, visit
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I want to know when our leaders are going to start creating jobs - real jobs - and stop creating taxes instead...  Federal, state, local ... Leaders, for example, can find all kinds of ways to create taxes, in addition to the many that exist... The illustrious mayor from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is now trying to start "tuition taxes" on colleges and universities... When does it end with all the nonsense our leader always come up, instead of real solutions to the current and future problems in our society?

Horace Dalmolin, Ed.D.

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