What Is Maslow's Model Of Hierarchy Of Needs With Example For Each Stage?


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Maslow's model of Hierarchy of needs and motives, arranges the motives or needs that drive us human beings in a sequence, going from the highest need of self-actualization down, the needs in the hierarchy are:
1. Esteem needs, such as the needs for prestige, success and self-respect.
2. Belongingness and love needs.
3. Safety needs, such as needs for security, stability and order.
4. Physiological needs, such as hunger, thirst and sex.

The order in which these needs are listed is significant in two ways. Firstly, the needs appear in order, from lowest to highest, with physiological needs first and self-actualization needs last. Secondly, this is also the order in which they have to be satisfied. In other words, physiological needs must be satisfied before any of the others on the list, next come the safety needs and so on. For instance, a starving man is preoccupied with the need to obtain food. He does not even think about where tomorrow's meal is going to come from (safety needs), at present he is only worried about today's meal. But once he has acquired something to eat today, he can start worrying about tomorrow's meal and once he is assured of that too, he will go on to worry about his needs for affection and self-actualization.

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