What Are The Various Modes Of Data Processing And How Are Data Processing Systems Managed In A Business Organisation?


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Data processing could be the term used for any computer procedure which transforms data into information. The processing is typically supposed to be automatic and running on a computer. As data are most helpful when presented systematically and in fact educational, data-processing structures are frequently called as information systems to highlight their practicality. Nonetheless, both terms mean one and the same, executing alike conversions; data-processing systems characteristically manoeuvre raw data into information, and similarly information systems characteristically use raw data as input to generate information as output.

In the framework of data processing, data are described as figures or characters which stand for dimensions from discernible phenomena. A solitary datum is a solitary measurement from discernible phenomena. Calculated information is then algorithmically deduced multiple data. Information is described as either a meaningful response to a question or a meaningful motivation that can cause further questions.

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