I Am Studying Computer Engineering. What Is The Scope Of The Jobs Likely To Be Available To Me?


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The Computer Engineering field is wide open because of the rapid changes within the computer and telecommunications industry. Have you asked yourself, of all the concepts, I have learned thus far, what do I enjoy doing most? If, not that is where you need to begin. The jobs will be there, but aim at preparing well for the job you enjoy doing.

If, you are creative, enjoy the challenge of working with Java, then think about the position of Java Software Engineer. If, you enjoy the challenge of working with different systems, databases and correcting problems then think about the job of computer Systems Engineer. Or, perhaps you like the challenge of beating hackers, spammers, and the like, how about Computer Security Engineer? Then, there is Computer Network Engineer, Computer Systems Integration Engineer or Computer Systems Validation Engineer. These are only some of the possibilities.

You can also go for Electrical Engineer-Mobile Computer-CPU Design, Software Testing Engineer, Desktop Support Engineer or choose, Firmware/ Software Design Engineer, Software Engineer-Visualization or Software Applications Engineer/
Programmer. These are more of the types of jobs available to Computer Engineers. Many of these jobs are also available to students, as part time Interns with a computer company. There are many more possibilities, and as you progress in your education you will become familiar with them. Just listen to your heart and choose the direction, which you feel good about and you enjoy doing.
Good Luck!
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is a huge scope in this field. You can get many different jobs depending on
your skills and interests. Here are some career options you can count on,

¯Software Engineer Jobs

¯Computer Systems

¯Computer Security

¯Software Testing

¯Software Application

¯Desktop Support Engineer

matter which career you want to choose, you can search for the job vacancies in
the particular field on Monster India. It is a great online platform that
connects job seekers with the potential employers. You just have to create a
profile and upload an updated resume on the website.

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There are many programmers looking for work, clicker heroes online

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