What Is A Schema And Sub-Schema In A DBMS (Database Management System)?


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A schema is usually the term used to describe a database management system's (DBMS) plan or formulation, whereas a sub-schema is usually a sub-division of this generalized structure.

Their use is meant to improve ease of access to tables and data in a database, in accordance with the relational database model.

What's a schema in DBMS?
In simple terms, a schema is the design or layout of a database management system. It will often have a list of units or entities that feature in the database, and describe the relationships between them.

A schema often remains unchanged, despite the volatile nature of a database. It is essentially the framework through which parts of a database are contextualized.

What is a sub-schema?
A sub-schema is best described as the way that the data in a DBMS appears when viewed by an application or a user. The most important criteria for a sub-schema is that it appears logically, and as part of a decipherable system.

This is not always the case with a schema itself.

The whole DBMS model of using a schema and sub-schema is based on the relational database management system concept first developed by IBM.
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A schema is a logical database description and is drawn as a chart of the types of data that are used.
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It describes record relationship, records and files and also data elements.

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