How Do You Get Notary License In NJ?


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In order to acquire a notary license you will be required to fill out an application for which a state legislator has to endorse. Notaries are commissioned for a total period of five years by the State Treasurer. It is best to get yourself thoroughly educated in the business in order to avoid any future problems which occur due to lack of information.

Some agencies even offer Notary Public Application as well as Renewal Kits. These would typically contain a New Commission or (depending on the application) a Renewal Notary Application Form. It comes with instructions on how to apply for the New Jersey new and/or the New Jersey renewal Commission. They usually provide you with a Sample Letter which is to be written in order to get Notary Endorsement. It will also include the list of local Legislature/Assembly Persons' names and addresses. It could also comprise a number of other articles such as Notary Association Membership forms (which are usually offered at a discounted price).

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