How Do You Listen To Phone Calls On A Police Scanner?


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You can listen to telephone calls on a police scanner if you use Scanner 911. To download Scanner 911, you will either need to have WinAmp, Realplayer, Windows Media Player Version 7.1 or a higher version of Windows Media player so that you can listen to telephone calls on a police scanner clearly.

While most of the personal computers (which are abbreviated as PC) come pre-loaded with the Windows Media Player program, if your media player does not start when you click on to the Listen Live link, the only option is for you to wait patiently for it to load, as the Windows Media Player does take a little time to download.

You can alternatively download any of the players which are listed above. Scanner 911 is an MP3 stream which has been taken from the emergency frequency scanners which are located locally. They scan the broadcasts from the agencies which are listed on the frequency pages.

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