How Can I Teach Possessive Adjectives To Beginners? Any Flash Cards For Teaching Clothes?


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For beginners learning possessive adjectives, you can teach them through various activities. I am not certain what you mean by beginners; those who are learning the English language as a second language, or if, you mean younger children studying grammar. However, the same basic techniques can be used for either group.

If, your group knows and recognizes nouns, then they should be able to grasp the idea of possessive adjectives. Possessive adjective like other adjective add to the noun, and are found in front of a noun. If, you like using flash cards, you can make a set by writing a possessive adjective in large letters on each card. (I would use index cards, they make good flashcards and come in several sizes.) Flash a card and ask someone to say the word and then use the word in a sentence.

You could even make several sets, divide the group, into smaller groups, allow each group to play a flash card game. The group, which uses all of the adjectives correctly, wins a prize or get stars or whatever is appropriate for your age group.

Another game is one person names a possessive adjective, and then calls on another person, who must use the adjective, correctly in a sentence. Go around the group letting participants take turns.

Visit the website a site run by Oxford University. There are lessons and activities for learning possessive adjectives and other parts of speech. You can also find help at htp://
There are a lot suggestions, and some sample sentences to give you ideas for more sentences. You will find a number of links, to other sites on this site, also. Good Luck!

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