What Does A Stage Designer Do?


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A stage designer is responsible for aesthetics on the stage. Therefore, they are responsible at the end of the day, for the visual appearance of everything, including props, costume, make up and the set. This is a large job and is reasonably well paid because it is a specific skill.

First a designer reads the play and chats to the director about what hers or his ideas and about what and where they might place their 'playing or acting' areas on the stage.

They discuss colours and texts and themes in the play. The designer then goes away and comes up with some sketches to give to the director in a further meeting, in which they can discuss those ideas.

Based on that meeting, the designer carefully makes a 'white card' model of the set, and once the basics have been agreed, creates a full model box, a scaled down model of how it is going to look.

The designer then assists in the creation of the actual physical set an its painting and dressing. All of this is done carefully through the use of planning and scale drawings and plans.

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