Tell Me About A Time When You Made A Mistake At Work, What Was The Outcome?


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Human being use to do numerous mistakes. Some of them are recoverable while others are not. It is good to recover your mistakes, so you could keep things in order. It is not an impossible but a difficult task to admit your mistake but is always nice to realize your faults. This will help you to correct them by and by.
Once I was working at my office and I had to send a packet to another office. I was supposed to do it till 2 O' clock. But as I was busy with some other work, so I forgot. Time was passing by and by but I was unaware of what I had forgotten.

After 5 O' clock, I had to quit so I could go home. When I reached home, I thought that what is missing today. I was so tired that I ignored what I was thinking. Time passed slowly and steadily and the next day came. When I reached office, boss was sitting very serious. I wanted to know the reason but kept mum. Then he asked me that what did you forget yesterday? I said that I am still forgetful of that; please tell me what was that? He told me that I did not send that package to another office and it was accountable for loss of one million rupees.
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I made a mistake when I was filing out my report of employment I used white out it is ok

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