Can A Convicted Felon Become A Physical Therapy Assistant?


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Ebony Nash answered
In theory, yes. Once a convicted felon has been released from prison, they are allowed to apply for any job at all. It is imperative that when applying for jobs, they fully disclose details of their criminal activity and to explain how they feel they have changed.

The obvious problem which may be encountered is that it’s up to individual employers whether they wish to give a convicted felon the chance to prove that they have changed. Obviously, the nature of the crime which resulted in imprisonment is an important factor and employers will look carefully at the crime that was committed and the reasons why.

If the crime wouldn’t necessarily impact on the person’s ability to do the job, it’s not out of the question that they get the job. In fact, companies will often get a tax breaks from government and sometimes the employee can be paid by government back-to-work schemes.

Obviously, it is important to be highly and properly educated/qualified in the desired area (in this case physical therapy) and to show a real passion for it as a career. If, upon release, the person in question doesn’t hold a current qualification, this may actually be beneficial in the long run. It is likely that they will be accepted onto the relevant course and, once completed, they will have not only the qualification but also the proof that they have kept out of trouble for three years and are willing to change. In addition to this, participating in voluntary work whilst in education will also add to their chance of gaining employment.
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Yes, they can.  They just have to file a request with their certification organization, pay a fee, and wait for the determination of the committee. The Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy is the certification organization.
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Chances are not good especially if you plan on being around kids

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