Where Do I Get Pilot Training? What Are The Qualifications Required For It? How Much Does It Cost And How Long Would The Course Be?


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The educational requirements for becoming a pilot varies from country to country. However, the general requirement is a high school certificate. You must have mathematics and physics in your A Levels.

You can then enroll in a flight school. Also find a certificate that meets your needs. There are normally three types of certificates from which you can choose from. These are private, recreational and sport license. Once you are done with your certificate, you can apply for a pilot's license.

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The many airports around the country and the world where you can recieve the training necessary to become an aeroplane pilot. The cost of lessons will vary from place to place. The best thing to do is go to your local telephone book and look for aeroplane flying lessons. You will find listings such as: Pilot's License course, Pilot certification, Pilot training schools, Flight training and Flight schools, these are all places to learn and be licensed as an aeroplane pilot.

Once you know where you can get lessons in your city, town or one nearby you can go visit and talk with someone who will be able to answer all your questions. You can also find training through many colleges today.

You can be trained as a private pilot, sport pilot, commercial pilot, airline transport pilot, you could even become a commercial astronaut. One of the first requirements is medical certification with first class, second class or third class status. Your overall medical condition will determine, which of these classes you would be able to acquire or if you can be medically certified in any class.  

Other requirements are: You must a least 17 years old; proficient in speaking, reading and writing in the English language; obtain at least a third class medical certificate; and pass a computerized aeronautical knowledge test. Once you reach this stage you will then be admitted to 40 hours of pilot training, and 20 hours of flight time with an instructor. Then your preparation for the solo flight requirements will begin and these are hours of practice flying under different conditions. One essential requirement is perseverance!

Go to:en.wikipedia.org and enter the words Pilot certification in the search bar for additional general information.
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I am a sri lankan citizen.I like to do pilot course in japan.I want to know what are the educational qualifications to do it
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In the Yellow Pages and for your larger airports, locate your local FBO, fixed base operator. In the smaller airports, just ask whomever answers the phone about obtaining your private pilot's rating, or a starter rating called a recreational pilot's license. Just about everyone you will talk to at the smaller airports give lessons. Make sure the person has his/her CFI, Certified Flight Instructor rating, and inquire about the number of hours he/she has of personal flight time, as well as the number of training hours. The more the better. In Alabama the going rate is about $100 per hour which includes airplane rental, petrol, and the flight instruction.

You will need approximately 40 hours ($4000.00) to obtain your private pilot's certificate. You will also need to purchase a flight log, good earphones, and other supplies your instructor will educate you about. Let them give you the name of a medical doctor who they use to help other pilot's get their medical clearance. Mostly a formality. It's best once you begin flight instruction to continue through it quickly. If you can only fly on weekends, don't skip one, and use your spare time during the week to do your study/reading materials for the flight exam. Yes, there is a written exam you must pass but it's not a problem if you can read!

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