How Do Modern Aqueducts Compare With Ancient Ones?


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In comparison with ancient aqueducts built mostly from masonry, wooden pipes or even bamboo material, modern aqueducts are colossal engineering undertakings, and may include canals, pipelines and tunnels. With urban growth and development producing sprawling cities having a population numbering into millions, man's capacity to furnish an adequate water supply has been challenged. Outstanding accomplishments can be seen in the states of New York and California.

New York city produced the gigantic Catskill aqueduct to bring 500,000,000 gallons a day to that city. A commission was organized to guarantee the water supply of some fourteen cities in Southern California. The result was the notable Colorado River aqueduct, which brings water by pressure some 240 miles over several mountain ranges. This project involved the construction of three concrete dams, and five large pumping plants to lift water a total of 1,617 feet. However, the California State Water Project of the early 1970's dwarfed any civil engineering job ever undertaken to transport water

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