What Is Nursing Theory?


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Nursing theory is a term that is used to describe the various schools of thought on the process and profession of nursing. There are several types of nursing theories that are useful on different levels in patient care. The purpose of nursing theories is to help to describe, develop, and use the very latest knowledge in administering care to patients.

The very broadest scope that presents general concepts is called grand nursing theories. Some examples of grand nursing schools of thought include Parse's Theory of Human Becoming, Leininger's Cultural Care Diversity, and Newman's Health as Expanding Consciousness.

Another nursing theory is called mid-range nursing theories. These concepts are much narrower in scope and offer an effective bridge between the broad scope of grand nursing theory and actual nursing practices. Theories on this level can easily be directly tested, making it very promising for increasing the theory based research and general nursing practice strategies. 

Nursing practice theories have a very limited scope compared to the other two schools of nursing theory and are developed for use within a very specific range of nursing. Nursing practice theories provides a definitive framework for situations such as nursing interventions, and predicting the outcomes and impacts that are associated with a specific nursing practice. At this level of nursing theory, concepts and propositions are presented at a lower level of abstraction that hold strong promise for increasing theory based research as well.

All three of these schools of thought in nursing theory are connected and what may be a grand nursing theory one day, can evolve to be a mid-range nursing theory. Mid-range nursing theories as well can eventually be put into practice as a nursing practice theory. All three are part of the process of bettering nursing care through research and practice for future generations.
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Nursing theory refers to the body of knowledge that forms the theoretical part of nursing practice. Nursing theory consists of a number of related subjects that form the basis or that are applied by practitioners in a practical setting. The knowledge that forms a part of nursing theory is derived from experimental learning, nursing research and sources on non nursing backgrounds. It is often difficult to describe what forms part of nursing theory and what does not. Most of these nursing theories are pretty recent and can be traced to the last twenty or so years. Florence Nightingale is credited with contributions to nursing theory by later compilers of her writings. Other notable nursing theory contributors include Imogene King, Betty Neuman, Calista Roy etc.

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