Write An Application To Your Principal For A Character Certificate?


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  • If you are seeking a character certificate/reference from your principal then you may be able to simply ask him or her in person. However, if you go to a rather large school and the principal is not regularly available then you may have to write a letter.
  • You should write the letter in a formal fashion by stating 'Dear Mr/Mrs' followed by your principal's name. In terms of content you should firstly state your request for a character certificate and explain why you need such a reference.
  • After that, you should express why you are asking the principal in particular to write this character certificate. For example, if you need a reference for an application to a college then state that you are asking the principal in particular because they are from an educational setting and they are aware of you in a student environment.
  • You can ask practically anyone to write you a character reference; however, before you make the decision you should consider the type of people to ask. For example, consider asking someone who knows you very well and can identify the positive aspects of your personality as well as perhaps any particular moments and anecdotes they can draw on.
  • In addition, you will need to find someone who has a confident writing ability and will have enough time to complete the certificate. You may be on a deadline to send in an application, so ensure the individual will be able to write the reference in time.
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Plz write me application for character certificate

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