From Where Can I Get Aptitude Test Papers For Bank Like Bank Of New York Mellon?


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You can get aptitude test papers for banks like the bank of New York Mellon from either the library, certain websites or the bank itself.

  • Library
At the library they will have the Arco Test books; which have civil service exams in them. You may find past aptitude test papers at the library in the Arco book. You may also ask the staff if they know where else you might be able to find them. Consider also asking the bank. Often the banks have admission forms and other items, such as the Polytechnic admission forms.

  • Bank
Depending on where you live you may not find the bank has what you need; however, since you are asking about the Bank of New York Mellon there is every chance they will have their own aptitude test paper that you can obtain.

  • Websites

The above link is another place you might want to try. It provides aptitude tests for a variety of things. You may find they have the form you are looking for.

This second link provides aptitude tests for bank tellers, so this might also help you find what you are looking for. There are a variety of tests bank employees have to take regarding their position including current banking laws that protect the banks and the depositors. Most banks have questions regarding how to handle consumers and provide customer service.

  • Search on
The only other suggestion would be to try a Google search of your own to see what pops up. You obviously know more about the aptitude test paper you are searching for, so consider what other keywords you can use to find your answer.

Unfortunately, based on the information provided the above answers are all that could be found to help you on your path to finding the correct answer.

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