What Are Some Hospital Materials That Could Be Sterilized By Flaming?


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Flaming is one of the techniques that can be used to keep equipment germ-free, though it is a very poor choice compared to other available techniques such as using the autoclave. Flaming is one of the methods of sterilization that uses heat. Though not a very reliable option, it can be used in the absence of other better or more viable alternatives. There is a reason for this – flaming does not necessarily ensure the death of all micro-organisms. There are many micro-organisms, such as some strains of viruses, that have high levels of heat tolerance, and therefore, flaming may not be the best way to kill them. Besides, flaming involves exposing the surgical instrument to an open flame, which means another part of the instrument could get contaminated by micro-organisms in the open air while you are trying to sterilize one part. The best way to ensure total sterilization is to do it in an enclosed space, and also ensure that the process is done for sufficient amounts of time to destroy any micro-organisms present.

Usually, the instruments you could expose to flaming are needles and other such smaller equipment.

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