Are There Any Explicitly Left-wing And Right-wing Magazines And Journals In Canada?


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Although categories such as "left-wing" and "right-wing" are never cut and dry, nor are they monolithic--especially, because many newspapers will have both left and right wing columnists and also because these categories mean different things to different people--there are indeed papers in Canada that either tend to lean to the right, or to the left.

Among the larger daily papers, the "National Post" is seen as being a conservative publication and has been quite supportive of neo-liberal economic policies and sometimes even the socially conservative politics of Canada's current Tory government. In contrast to this, the "Globe and Mail," another national daily, was once considered a Tory paper, but over the years it has moved left somewhat and is now more appropriately described as left-of-centre, at least on social policy.

The Toronto Star, one of the largest newspapers in the country, has sometimes been seen as rather close to the Liberal Party of Canada, and tends to advocate slightly left-of-centre views.

Among weekly and biweekly political magazines, "The Western Standard" is, without a doubt, right-of-centre on both economic and social issues, and tends to be supportive of the Conservative Party, while "Macleans" is a centrist paper, with both conservative and liberal columnists.

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