What Are Some Top Reasons To Have A Day Off Work?


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Sickness and Diarrhea, Back Pain and Depression are some of the commonest reasons to be off work.
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Feeling a little cough cough poorly? Had one too many the night before? What are some good reasons to take a day off work?

1) The Cricket World Cup
2) The Football World Cup
3) Sick Girlfriend/Wife/Partner/Boyfriend/Husband?
4) Audition for Big Brother (if you must)
5)  The sun is out (Britain especially)
6) The sun is almost out.
7)  New game for the XBox out today
8)  One level left on your new XBox/PS3 game!
9)  The pope is visiting your area
10) Rock concert

Some reasons to tell your boss:

1) I'm not feeling at all well
2) I've got a big of a bug
3) I've got de flu and don't want to spread it round the office
4) I'm very poorly, I can't get out of bed
5) I've got a stomach bug
6) I think I've got food poisoning.

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