How Are Posters Made?


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The media and the newspaper staffs.
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Making posters is very easy. Here are some of the things you will need if you wish to make a custom poster for yourself. The main ingredient that is required to make a nice big poster is that you will need a nice picture of what you desire. The picture should be quite big in terms of resolution so that each and every detail is transformed on paper. If the resolution is small, the detailing will not be clear and the poster will turn out to be quite blurry. The resolution should be more than one thousand pixels so that the picture comes clear in a poster which is approximately two and half feet in length one and a half feet in width. After you have selected the right picture, you can go to your nearest printing press and give the person there the picture. The person will print the picture on a nice sheet of glossy paper and give it to you. He will charge you some amount of money for the service. This is the cheapest way of making a poster.

You can also buy posters from music stores or stores which sell birthday cards etc.
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