What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being A Pediatrician ?


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• Working with a variety of children and families
• Helping children to become better or manage their illness
• Potential to earn very high salaries
• Flexible work schedules
• Seeing a patient progress is rewarding
• Interesting work
• Good understanding of the human body
• Increased need for pediatricians
• Watching children grow up healthy and happy, knowing that you helped

• The long years and expenses of school and study
• Becoming too involved or attached with a client
• Not always being able to help a patient
• Seeing clients become ill, suffer or even pass away
• Working long hours
• Working on weekends and holidays
• Being on call
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being able to watch a child grow up and become successful.
whiny kids
too much training and school.
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A disadvantages are that you might get too attached to a patient that you end up not being able to save.
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I think the advantage for being a pediatrician is: Helping for sick kids, knowing that you helped, and just caring for the sick kids. And just showing that you have a lot of love for them just as well if they were your on kids.
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Pediatricians play a very important role in the medical field. They work specifically with children by diagnosing and treating illness and disease.Coming to the advantages pediatricians are paid with high salary,helps children,interacts with different kids,but there is disadvantages are also there they have to work even in night times,high pressure.

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