What Is The Mean By Storekeeper?


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The duties and responsibilities of a storekeeper are as follows:
1.receiving of a materials.
2.arranging of a material.
3.preservation of a materials.
4.recording of a materials.
5.issuing of a materials.
6.issuing of responsibilities and requisition.
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A Storekeeper in simple words is a person who is in charge of a store. He is responsible for not only the safety of the stock inside a store but also responsible for documentation and maintenance of the inventory.

Storekeeper, in fact is also a rating in the U.S Navy and as the name suggests these people maintain the supply stores of the ship or the company. They are responsible for all the purchasing and procurement as well as shipping, receiving, issuing of equipment, tools etc and other stuff obtained through the supply system of the Navy. Basically a rating in the US Navy.

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