What Is The Most Promising Career After B.Com?


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A bachelor’s degree in commerce or b.com entitles you to many different careers all around the world. Many people choose to continue their education for an M.Com or master’s degree. Otherwise, you’ll be able to still find jobs with a B.Com.

Commerce means that you’ve learned all about business, market fluctuations, economics, e-commerce and even marketing. You can choose a variety of different careers with this knowledge, depending upon what your strongest subject was.

You can go into banking or even investment banking. These types of careers can pay very well but they may require a lot of hours in a day and are usually very high stress.

You can also choose to go into politics or commercial law. All of these are great options but will depend on your strong suits within your B.Com. You will be able to go anywhere in the world with a B.Com and succeed. Many countries will even provide you with a temporary visa so that you can share your knowledge with that country. If there’s a specific country you are interested in working in that is other than your country of origin, you can check out visa opportunities on their government site.

If a promising career means how much money you can make, it’s variable. Different companies pay different salary ranges. It will also depend on whether you’ve got any practical experience with the degree, meaning have you held a job doing commerce type things yet?

You can check out PayScale.com www.payscale.com/research/CA/Degree=Bachelor_of_Commerce_(BCom)/Salary

Here, you’ll learn different positions you can hold with a bachelor of Commerce and look at salary ranges within the different positions.
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Bachelor in Commerce is a very good postgraduate degree to pursue as after its completion lot of avenues is open for you. The varied choices you get are described below.

There are various exams you can appear for which will lead to a good job. For example you can sit for you.P.S.C. Exams, Banking Services, Combined Defence Services exam, Mass Communication courses, Journalism, Air Force Accounts, Advertising, Drama, Film Studies, and M.B.A. If you want to go abroad and work there you can sit for the GRE/GMAT exam.

There are many foundation courses which will benefit you in your professional career. These are M.Com, M. Eco., M.A., M. Stats., M.F.C., M.Ed., Operations Research, Business Economics, International Trade, International Studies, Financial Analysts and Law.

Many vocational courses are also available like Hotel Management, Foreign Languages, Fashion Merchandising, Industrial Design, Museology, Special Education Library Sciences, Travel and Tourism, Secretarial Courses, Insurance, Medical Transcription and Chartered Accountancy and I.C.W.A.

As can be seen by the above information there is a lot of choice after B.Com but the most important is that you should pursue whatever course which interests you as this is a life long decision.
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Hi Rajeshri,

your answer to this question was a great help to me, it shows the ammount of effort you have made to collect details and information about it.


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One should study to her/his level best because properly studied stuff never gets ruined. It works for us in one way or the other. B.Com is not a hi-fi degree, one need to study more if he/she wants to have a good job. After completion of B.Com one should go for MBA or M.Com whatever he/she likes. In the meanwhile he/she can search a part time job for gaining experience and affording his/her everyday expenditure. He/she also apply for scholarship because it is better to go for an A or M.Com degree from foreign university rather then Pakistan. If he/she secures a degree that is well and good otherwise he/she need to keep studying at Pakistan. Later he/she may get a praiseworthy and reliable job at Pakistan.

Future is in our hands, it is the way we take things. One needs to think practically and professionally if he/she is interested in securing a bright and reliable future. Success comes to those who work harder and burn midnight oil to achieve their targeted goals. B.Com is not going to give anybody a good job unless he/she would study further. It's better not to quit studies after B.Com. The more one would study, the more benefits he would gain.
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Im a b.com student but i doint like u r report because after degree there r so many higher studies.i think MBA is the best studies 4the b.com studients....r we can do any ather cources also like airfourcs,,fashiondesigning,,r any ohter interested cources
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What will be other options for mba can i go for mms
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Can v join medical feild aftr bcom r there any options??
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Congratulation!!!!! I glad to heard your graduation, don't worry about career there are plenty of courses in which you can enter and bring prosperity in your life, before that you must understand the work which you have to do after completing selected course because sometime what happens, students not aware of the taks which they have to do after course completion sometime they get tuff while working and they back them from this profession.
My kind advise is to take right desicion because this would make your future bright.
Below are some courses you can go for:
Diploma in Marketing, Finance, Accounting etc.
ICA- Industrial Computer Accounting
Cost accounting etc.

I hope your future would be Bright.
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Hiiii... I m completing my graduation this yr..... Bt have no idea for future.... Du to some reason I was not able to do my c.a... Nw I need you'll help what course shld I opt nw... M too confused do help me... Want to do somethng in banking nd administration sector...
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So, How does it go with B.Com and C.A?? I am planning to complete my Bachelor's degree in B.Com. Would I have to take C.A exam after the graduation or as I complete my 4 years??
I am new to how things work, please help.

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I m a b.com student. Studying in T.Y.B.com. I don't know which is the option is good for me after my b.com can any body helpme in this. First I think that I should for charted accountants but is not easy and even scope is less. I have tried but it doesnt happen. Then also after my B.com > I'll  try for MBA .
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B.comm is an entry level qualification for the job market in India and some other Asian countries. It is better if you focus on some higher level degree like an MBA.
DO NOT BE discouraged with this. But understand that the today's business needs are much higher and due to rapid changes and technological advancements you need higher qualification and better skills to get a middle management level job. However. You may possibly get an associate job in many business houses  at your level.
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Hi I have completed my  bcom ...  Thinking of taking up corporate law .. Is it a good option coz I m not math person so ca n mba just  scraps out for me .. If corporate law is a  good  option where  should I do it from ?
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B.com is not a big degree. However, you can get a simple accountant job in any financial institution. You must go for MBA Finance if you seek your career in Accounting. Otherwise, there are lot of fields in MBA for you.
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NOwadays no company hires bachelors...even if they do they will not pay you more thanks 15000. So its SUCKS in other words.
I will advice you to study some more and go for MBA in Accounting and Finance

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All the courses have good scope it depends on individual how he / she explore the oppurtunites in it ......MBA is a good option but as u see each and every things hve it por and cons as per present cenerio around 7lac to 8lac ppl persue MBA each year . MBA provide you a general knowledge of managment . A person form science background also can persue it . Its general in youth tht they after completing BCOM goes for MBA  as they think it provide u better package and its true most of us are least bother about knowledge than of money.....i m talking this on my personal experience. I hve seen my many frds doing mba and working in company just for 15000 and for mba euducation thy spend 5lac ...so its better to go for professinal course like cA ,ICWA.CS it hve great scope in indai as well as abroad . I kwn my may think its hard but u cant acheive any think in life with out hardwork nt even with smartwork . I m nt telling MBA is a bad option but if u really hve interest in it than do it after gainning work experience after BCOM it will add more value to ur  future carrier

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B.com offers various opportunities to a student to choose from for post-graduation. A student can opt for MBA in finance, PDGM in finance, financial markets, CA, etc. ITM University various finance related courses that would enrich the knowledge of B.com students.

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