How Can I Become A Catalogue Model In The UK?


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To be a female catalogue model in the United Kingdom, you need to be at least five feet and eight inches tall which, when converted into metres, is approximately 1.72 metres tall. However, it is not uncommon for female catalogue models to be as tall as 1.79 metres. Female catalogue models must have vital statistics of 34 inches (or 86 centimetres) for the bust, 24 inches (or 61 centimetres) for the waist and 34 inches (or 86 inches) for the waist.

On the other hand, to be a male catalogue model, you have to be toned and fit, be between five feet and eleven inches and six feet two inches tall and weigh between 140 pounds and 165 pounds on an average. Even a plus-sized model can be a catalogue model in the United Kingdom.

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