How To Make A Pyramid For My School Project?


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It really depends upon what you're going to use your pyramid for.

If you just want a simple model pyramid, you could go the route of cardboard:

  • Simply drawing (or tracing) a pyramid design on any kind of cardboard will provide a simple means of creating a model. An effective pattern may be found here.

If you want something more durable, you could build one out of marbles, clay, or simply draw one. I don't know your required use, but perhaps simply an image of a pyramid would be sufficient.

Please note: In practice, the word pyramid refers to the shape formed when a regular polygon (triangle, square, pentagon, etc) has triangled faces have a shared base.

To make the correct type of pyramid, It may be important to know which kind of pyramid you seek.

The pattern I linked above is for the traditional pyramid shape with a square base.

If you're interested pyramids and the ancient Egyptians, I'd also recommend you check out this really cool game on the BBC website where you take on the role of a Vizier responsible for building a pyramid.
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Sugar cubes.

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