How To Write A Release Letter By An Employer To An Employee, After Completing The Contract?


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As an employer, and an employee has come to the end of a contract, you do not have to give your employee a letter to say that the term is over as this will be in the terms of their contract. 

However, if you do wish to send a letter, you should do this on a less formal basis as a formal letter is not required. Here are a few things that you can put in you less formal letter;

  • Any feedback from the company.
  • Whether there may be an opportunity for another contract in the future.
  • Say thank you for the work that the employee has done.
  • Put in your contact details so that they have them for a reference for any new jobs they may be applying for.
Another thing that you can put in the letter is if you would be happy to give a character reference. This is where you can give a reference on the character of the employee and talk about their personality, how they present themselves and how they are around others. These are all things that an employer will want a reference for in the future.

You may want to put any other formal notices in there that you feel the employee must have in writing. If they have keys or a security pass for the company, let them know who they should give these to and when they should hand them back.

Also make sure that they have any information they need about how you expect their workspace to be left and where any computer equipment should be put after they have finished their last working day.

Start the letter with a statement that indicates that you are letter the employee go. You need to get straight to the point. You may say something along the lines of 'following our discussion on such a date, the company is issuing you this letter to inform you that your contract of employment has been terminated effective of such a date'.

Once you have made the point, you must not forget to explain the reason for the termination. These reasons will generally fall into three different categories, which include poor performance in the job, conduct problems, or simply redundancy. You should clearly outline the reason, and if applicable, outline some specific examples which back up your decision to terminate the contract.

You should also outline any company property that is in possession of the employee and ask them to return them as a matter of urgency. Of course you should also mention any severance pay that may be provided, any paid vacations or holidays included in that severance package, as well as information concerning any other packages.

You then need to talk about the ways in which the employee can appeal the decision, if this is applicable. If you are at an 'at will' state then you aren't required to provide two weeks of notice, and you should make sure that you mention this in the letter. If you are giving two weeks to terminate, however, then you should ensure that you provide the exact date of the last day working for the company.

If the employee is being let go due to redundancy issues instead, you should tell them that you are more than willing to write a reference for them so that their future employers can see that they are hard working and professional. You should have the letter of recommendation ready for them at a meeting you should describe in the letter.
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Dear sir
iam requesting for release to company because I got one job in another company
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Dated :
Subject : Relieving and experience Letter
Dear employee name
This is in reference to your letter of resignation dated ______, wherein you had requested to be relieved from the services of the company at the earliest, and an experience certificate.
We wish to inform you that your resignation has been accepted and you are being relieved from the services of the company with effect from close of office hours on ______.
As per the company norms we wish to inform that the full and final settlement will take n days (working) from the date of being relieved from the office.
During your tenure from ______ to ______ your contributions to the organization are highly appreciated.
We wish him best of luck for his future endeavors.
Yours Sincerely
General Manager
Human Resources
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Dear Sir,    Sub: Release order    This refers to the letter dated June 12, 2009, regarding your resignation from the service of the company. You are hereby released from the service of Crystal Engineers & Builders Ltd (CEBL) as at close of business today i.e. June 12, 2009.    We wish to draw your attention formally to the duty of secrecy signed caused by in your appointment letter, which continues after your release from Crystal Engineers & Builders Ltd (CEBL).    Please note notwithstanding your release from the service , you will remain liable for any loss or damage of any kind whatsoever suffered by the company caused by your acts, negligence or faults during the period of your service , in case such loss or damage may become apparent subsequent to your release from the services.    We wish every success in your future pursuits.    Thanking you.    Yours sincerely,
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I, ______-(employer name) Do hereby find that the contract between me and______(employee name) is satisfactorily completed and therefore release said employee of any and all obligations put forth in said contract. I do this by written signature here forthwith. X______ (employer signature)

2 copies (one for each of you, maybe notarized depending on law in state)
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Just write it explaining why youre releasing him and that he was an exceptional employee but.... In other words build him up to let him down, but be honest why youre letting him go
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In other words a firing letter but anyway doesnt matter, just state that contract is nearing an end so employee is no longer neede and was an outstanding employee and wish to use again if available for future positions as they come available
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   Instructions are in
   Boldface Type



RE:   Letter of Release (Example)

Section 1:   State that you are releasing the employee and
the effective date.   (See CX Article 29)

This is to inform you that I am releasing you
from employment with the [department] effective [date].  

Section 2:   Tell the employee
to return any University property, including keys.  

You must return all University property
immediately, including but not limited to: ID badge, keys, equipment
(computers, books, cell phones, disks/manuals), uniforms, garage card, copy
card, purchase card, work product (electronic and paper files), etc.

Section 3:   State that the
University actions are not subject to the grievance or arbitration procedures
of the Agreement.

This release is not subject to the grievance
or arbitration procedures under the provisions of the UC/CUE Clerical (CX) Agreement.  

Section 4:   List the Proof of
Service and the individuals receiving copies of the letter.  

[Signature of Supervisor]

[Supervisor’s Title]

Proof of Service

cc:         [Supervisor’s
Department Head]

[Department File]

[Employee & Labor
Relations Consultant]

[Personnel File (via Employee
& Labor Relations)]

[Unemployment Insurance Coordinator (via Employee & Labor Relations)]
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I need to write a letter from an Employer to Employee regarding the destruction of confidential information both on Computer and hard copies prior finishing employment with out company. What should I include.

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