How Do I Get Into The Nfl Without College?


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Your best bet would be to first ensure that you're in excellent shape. I don't just mean working out and running but also try and play some football wherever you live. Be it flag football or preferably a semi-pro/amateur team in your area. If those options are not available to you then look into playing some basketball and/or handball as you'll be running back and forth often (which will help getting you in shape or better shape), and they contain a lot of the good footwork movements you're going to need for the pros.

Whatever it is you're able to do, it wouldn't hurt to brush up on your football knowledge so in addition to the skill set you'll begin to develop, you will also develop your football IQ which is an important aspect in separating yourself from the pack as well.

As time goes on you're going to want to check out some Combine's which you can easily find online, and then go about that process as going to a Combine is the best way you're going to get noticed I believe.

I know this was two months ago but I came across it so hopefully it helps you and whoever else happens to read this.

Cheers, and remember to always strive for your dreams, anything is possible if you're willing to put forth the work.
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Yes you can many of the players have not finished college but it might be wise to have something to fall back on later
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You have to at least go to college...the nfl has a policy  unlike major league baseball and the nba..that they will not draft straight out of high school
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You can get into the NFL with out going to college because a lot of players attend college during off season so as not to miss any of their important games college helps you to have some type of skill or career that you can work at to make a living and life after football.
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It is strongly recommended that you attend college, the chances that you could be drafted out of high school are very low unless you are a  phenomena with the sport. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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Yes,you can but the possibility of your talent being discovered is a small chance.I would recommend college or Arena football.-Iamlegend

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