How Is Effective Communication Beneficial For Your Career?


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Effective communication is very important for good career no doubt about that but you question is how?

First of all look around you the fields and jobs which you can use as options for your career. You will find lots of answers cause there are so many fields and with advancement of technology new and new avenues for jobs and careers are opening.

Now see how many careers are there where you can grow individually? I think you will hardly find one or two where you need not to interact with any other human.

Humans exchange their feeling and knowledge through communication and by use of different languages.

Now if you have a very good or even average idea about something how clearly can you express.

The clarity of your communication is very important. Cause if your very competent that wont matter as far as no body gets you what you want to say clearly enough for him to understand your suggestion or idea completely.

If that becomes the case then there would be no appreciation of your work and you might even be considered worthless.

A person of normal abilities if can communicate effectively his understanding and working in any environment becomes very easy and he is very appreciated for even just consistency.

Apart from this man is a social animal so if he can't communicate properly he can't prove his worth.

The better a person who can utilize the seven C's (completeness,conciseness,consideration,concreteness,clarity,courtesy,correctness) of effective communication, more he is acceptable and more chances of his career growth no matter what his field is.

So effective communication has a very direct relation with career growth.

Best in their fields are always or atleast mostly good communicators.
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If your career requires mainly mental rather than manual labour, your progress will be strong influenced by how effectively you communicate your knowledge, proposals, and ideas to others who need or should receive them.
Strong communication skills were found in the job descriptions listed by numerous companies advertising positions. For example, Francis W. Weeks, executive director emeritus of the Association for Business Communication, found in a 6 year study of job listings at the University of Illinois Coordinating Placement Office that 340 jobs in 30 fields required communication ability. In addition, Vanessa Dean Arnold's analysis of communication requirements listed in the job descriptions of only one issue of the National Business Employment Weekly, a publication of the Wall Street Journal, found that of 120 listings, 85 emphasized communication skills and described the specific skills needed. Among the job descriptions found in this study were requirements.
Communication is a primary responsibility in many careers, such as customer relations, labour relations, marketing, personnel, public relations, sales, and teaching. Also technical and scientific fields need editors, producers, researchers, and writers. Advancement can be made t management, research, training, and consulting positions. Communication skills play a major role in congressional and senatorial offices at the state and national level.
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Good communication skills are important to every employees/ individual. With this you can easily acquire jobs, convince people about your exceptional skills, and you will be able to befriend with them ^^

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