Why Do Personal Growth And Development Seem More Urgent Today Than They Were In The Past?


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It really depends exactly what you mean by personal growth and development but it is fair to say that this would mean gaining skills that are perhaps outside the basic remit of whatever job that you do and that can be transferred to a different role or enable you to fit into a different environment without too much difficulty.
This is important because of several reasons:
  • The global economic collapse means that jobs for life are no longer easy to come by and it is necessary for workers to find their place in the world and positions may be more flexible as a result
  • Pensions are being reduced and may not be enough to live on by the time people working today retire so it is important to be able to have alternative options to deal with these issues.
  • With automation in manufacturing and computerization of other tasks, repetitive manual labor is a much rarer role than in the past.
  • Technology in general has made people wonder about their relevance in the world and this leads to "personal growth" in the terms of looking for a deeper meaning to existence and striking a work/life balance, perhaps following other interests or beliefs.
  • Perhaps this seems more urgent these days because technology has given us the opportunity to sit back and question, perhaps it is because there are more "Life Coaches" around who encourage this sort of thinking or perhaps it is because we are entering a new astrological age and the human race in general is becoming more spiritual and rising up to the next level of evolution.

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