What Is Media Mix?


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The entire process of strategizing, creating and executing an advertisement is one thing. And communicating that advertisement to the entire target segment is totally another aspect. For the latter prospect, certain skills and resources are required. Advertising communication is a unique process with its distinct mechanism to reach the target market as well as its own set of tool to make the desired feat possible. The diverse set of tools through which advertising communication is carried in a smooth manner is termed as media mix. Of course there are many sorts of hindrances (inclusive of both internal and external factors) surrounding the ambience of the media mix, the smooth carriage of advertising communication requires the media mix to effectively quash all those constraints and perpetuate their task. The tools that constitute the media mix are the channels of communication through which the advertisement is delivered to the target market. For instance, the electronic, print and interactive media, which contain a variety of sub-categories, the entire amalgam of which establishes the media mix.

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